Mini-mission August 2022

50 filled backpacks were donated by FUMC members and delivered to Neighborhood Center. Many thanks.

Mini-missions June and July 2022

We filled bags with snacks in June for the summer students at The Neighborhood Center and we also did bags of toiletries for the homeless in Camden.

A Newsletter from our Missions Team in Tanzania

Blessings Challenge

Ongoing Activities

  • Monthly Committee and Sub-Committee meetings
  • Monthly Messenger and periodic bulletin articles
  • Mission Corner in Sunday’s bulletin
  • Routine support disbursements
  • Communication with Missionaries
  • Mission board updates
  • Praying for missionaries and encourage others to pray for missionaries
  • Web page

Annual Activities

  • Support for 20 individual missionaries & 12 organizations
  • Host visiting missionaries
  • Mission trips

Short Term Mission Trip Resources

2018 Missions Weekend


Mission Commission Chairman: Steve Feerrar