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Distinctively Christian Caregiving

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First United Methodist Church is currently in its 18th year of Stephen Ministry.  We have 23 active Stephen Ministers and 5 active Stephen leaders.

What is the Stephen Series? The Stephen Series is a system of training lay people to do caring ministry. Those who become involved learn skills and develop their talents for bringing Christ’s love to people who are grieving, depressed, or experiencing other stresses in life.

Why Lay Ministry? The Stephen Ministry Series in which First United Methodist is enrolled, is based on the idea that all Christians are ministers. The responsibility of passing on God’s love for people is not just for a chosen few, but for all Christians, who have been chosen to be God’s children. Likewise, the joy of helping others is the privilege of all Christians, who have been given power by the Holy Spirit for doing ministry.

Who benefits from the Stephen Ministry? All of us. We can have the confident knowledge that when the pains of life come our way, there will always be someone ready to care for us, to bring God’s love to us in a special, and personal way.

As you look at our Stephen Ministry logos, you will see a circle with a cross in the middle. On one side of the cross you will notice a broken, divided person, on the other, brought through the cross is a whole person, made whole by Christ’s love ministering to an individual.

Your Stephen Ministers are committed to preserving the confidential nature of the caring relationship.

Please call or contact our pastors, any member of our church staff or a Stephen Minister, if you or someone you know could use a caring, listening, praying Stephen Minister.

Church office phone number: 856-235-0450

Stephen Leaders:

  • Nadine Mack