Salvation Army Service Unit

salvation_army_logoSeveral years ago, Pastor Harlan Baxter helped start a local Salvation Army service unit as part of the Christian outreach program of the First United Methodist church. He recognized the need for an organized response to the many requests for emergency assistance being received by the church, and so with the help of Major Fred Trask, field representative for the New Jersey Divisional headquarters for the Salvation Army, Pastor Baxter called for volunteers and the Moorestown unit was born.

The purpose of the unit is to provide immediate assistance to any one in need during an emergency situation. This may include providing food, shelter, clothing, travel, or medicine on a temporary basis, until long term help may be available. Volunteer members of the service unit meet at the FUMC office with those seeking assistance, where they determine the type of assistance needed by interviewing the person(s), and if the need is justified, they issue a voucher to supply the funds needed. The service unit also engages in fund raising during the year, especially during the year end holidays, by manning positions at the Mall and other stores where they “ring the bells”.

The unit has about a dozen active members at this time, but would like to invite anyone interested to join, as we would like to expand our outreach in the area. If you are interested in serving God in this work, please call the FUMC office at 856-235-0450 for more information.