Web Site FAQs

meetwithGod.com FAQs

I want to find the time and place for my son’s Sunday School Class.  How do I find this?
In the upper right hand corner of each page there is a search box. Enter a word or words, such as Sunday School, in the search box. A list of links is displayed. Click on the link that is closest to what you want.

How can I view a worship service video?
Video recordings of worship services since March 2020 are available on the web site. Sermon audio recordings from services prior to that are available back to 2010. To access any of these recordings, go to the Worship Archive page under Worship.

How do I communicate my comments about the website?
Email the web team at webmaster@meetwithGod.com.  The link to the webmaster is at the bottom of every page.

Our work group is holding a special event. How can I get this onto the website?
Send your announcements and pictures to webcontent@meetwithGod.com. Please provide your content in the format that it should be on the web.