Jeremiah Appleton

Youth Coordinator

Jeremiah and Amanda

I became a member of FUMC in 1999 and have celebrated several milestones here, including getting married to my amazing wife (Jen) in 2009 and having our daughter (Amanda) baptized in 2010.  All three of us remain active, committed members of our wonderful congregation.   My introduction to FUMC’s youth program came at 18 years old when I went with our youth group on a mission trip to Tennessee.  Thus began a lifelong passion for youth ministry as I saw the incredible impact Christ-led moments can have on our youth.  While living in Virginia until 2007, I continued to connect with FUMC for annual mission trips initially as a youth myself and eventually as a youth leader.  Since returning to Moorestown in 2007, I have remained involved with the youth program including as a year-round volunteer since 2015.  I am eternally grateful for the impact Kathy Clawges delivered to our youth program for the past nine years and am excited to pick up where she left off, particularly as Amanda is now part of our youth group!